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Having children & HCHWA-D

"I also want to have children!"

It is only natural that someone with a genetically transferable disease such as HCHWA-D would want to have children of his/her own. The problem as we’ve seen is that people with a genetic predisposition for HCHWA-D have a 50% chance of passing on the disease to their children.
Fortunately modern medicine makes it possible to have children without passing on the disease. “I have HCHWA-D and want to have a child"

Two ways of avoiding passing on the inheritable disease

Also a genetic carrier of HCHWA-D can have children without passing on the genetic predisposition.1. Prenatal diagnosis
DNA test of the embryo early during the pregnancy (10th - 13th week) via CVS (Chorionic Villus Sampling).

2. Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD)
With a PGD it is possible for a HCHWA-D genetic carrier to have children without passing on the disease. During this procedure an artificial fertilization (as opposed to a natural one) is established. Once the embryo consists of a cluster of eight cells, one cell is removed for examination. The DNA from this cell is tested for any abnormalities. Then one or two healthy embryos (without any irregularities) are placed back into the uterus. The remaining embryos are destroyed in accordance with a legal protocol.
The genetic preparation preceding the abovementioned procedure last for roughly year and is followed by fertility treatment (IVF). Listed services are provided by the Department of Clinical Genetics of the University Hospital Maastricht.

For more information about the possibilities of having children, prenatal diagnostics, or PGD, please contact the clinical geneticist. Or look online at