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Do I have Dutchtype CAA?

Is it Dutchtype CAA?

Sometimes after a stroke, people wonder if they have Dutchtype CAA. It is good to ask yourself two questions:  1) Did more relatives have a stroke between the age of roughly 45 and 65? 2) Do you know of any Dutch heritage? 

If you worry about having Dutchtype CAA, it is good to talk about it with your neurologist or GP. It is possible to undergo genetic testing for Dutchtype CAA. 

Genetic testing

The process of genetic testing differs in every country. You can read more about it here.

I have DCAA - now what?

Unfortunately there is no treatment for Dutchtype CAA. There has not been specific research into protective factors, but it cannot hurt to follow lifestyle advice that is similar to reducing the risk of Alzheimer. Read more about that here.

Talk about it

Our association is there to bring patients and affected friends and family members together - people who are in a similar situation sharing the same fears, have the same questions etc. Get in touch with our CareCenter. You can also contact your GP if you would like to be referred to a psychologist or specialist physician. We recommend that you at least talk to someone about your doubts and concerns. We speak from experience.