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Association Board


The board of the HCHWA-D consists volunteers. All of us have affinity with the disease in one way or another. Our patient advocate Sanne van Rijn, Msc., who is a EUPATI fellow, is partly paid for her work.

Chairman: Vacant
Secretary: Vacant
Treasurer: Mr. J. van Rijn
General Boardmembers:

Ms. A. Potters
Ms. J. de Vreugd, MSc.
Mr. J. van Rijn, MSc.
Miss N. de Jong
Ms. M. Hoek 

About the board and the activities of the HCHWA-D Association

Our board members have different abilities that make us suitable for the job ánd a good team. We all have an association with the disease one way or another and are very motivated.

We meet each other in an official capacity four times a year to evaluate our work (supply information, organise and provide support, advise third parties about healthcare and research, etcetera) and discuss ways we can improve when needed. 


Contact details

Vereniging HCHWA-D
Postbus 3031
2220 CA Katwijk 
IBAN: NL35 RABO 01406.11.789