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Recording webinar August 10th- TRACK DCAA and the road towards a trial

Many DCAA family members have spend time participating in research in the past few years. This has helped the researchers who dedicate their work to DCAA learn more about how the disease develops in genecarriers and how we can measure this. The ungoing study  TRACK DCAA is what we call a 'trial run in study', research that is important in our road towards drug development.

TRACK DCAA is sponsored by Alnylam, a drug company that is developing a RNA therapy called ALN-APP. During the webinar of August 10th they've presented themselves to the Aussie families and told about what drug development entales and what the odds are of Aussie DCAA families participating in a trial.

The recordings are still with Alnylam's legal team, but in the meantime, please watch the part of the webinar presented by patient advocates Sanne and Dini about their work towards a treatment and Kevin from research team who tells us more about why we are looking for more participants in Perth. 

You can find the recording of the webinar through this link. If you have any questions, please check the website or contact Sanne at