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Alnylam: what you need to know

During the webinar on August 10th, you asked some very smart questions that will help Alnylam think about how to approach drug development in our 'population' a.k.a. the Dutch CAA families. We have recorded the meeting and it is being reviewed by Alnylam's legal department as we speak. We hope to make it available to you in a few weeks.

As promised during the webinar, here is a link to Alnylam's presentation on ALN-APP and the first results of the phase 1 study with early Alzheimer's patients. You can read more about it on their website, here.

As discussed, we held community conversations in the Netherlands during the face to face meet & greet family meeting with Alnylam on July 22nd. Sanne wrote a report of the results of these conversations and provided input for the discussion around a phase 2 study protocol with DCAA, thanks to everyone participating. A summary of the answers of DCAA family members to two questions (1) What are reasons to undergo or not undergo genetic testing and does this relate to drug development and 2) What are symptoms of DCAA you or family members experienced other than stroke and/or dementia?) can be found in the report, here