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A stroke, what now?

Rehabilitation after a haemorrhage caused by HCHWA-D

The road to recovery after a stroke is not simple one. What are the options regarding medical and social care?

Outpatient and inpatient rehabilitation

For patients who have HCHWA-D, there are two two rehabilitation options after a haemorrhage. 

Inpatient rehabilitation
You are listed as a patient in a rehabilitation centre.

Outpatient rehabilitation
You visit the rehabilitation centre on appointment for treatments. The rest of the time you are at home.
Inpatient rehabilitation after a stroke is useful if you have problems with:

  1. Mobility: walking indoors or outdoors, climbing stairs, getting in and out of bed and transportation over long distances.
  2. Self-care: washing, dressing, eating , urinating and defecating.
  3. Communication: reading, writing and talking.
  4. Daily activities: housekeeping, cooking, job and hobbies.